When you’re trying to break into the engineering industry, a resume and cover letter will only get you so far – you also need to know where to find the job you’re looking for. Continue reading
This is the blog to come to when you need inspiration for the layout and design of your store. Multiple articles per day are posted that showcase beautiful, innovative retail spaces, product designs, and other layouts from around the world. These posts are filled with pictures and explanations to help get your own creative juices flowing. Continue reading
Banking Careers Overview: The concept behind banking is deceptively simple. Continue reading
Case management nurses help manage a patient’s care to keep them as healthy as possible. In this role you’d determine the best plan of care for patients, including making doctor’s appointments and helping schedule important surgeries. Continue reading
According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), many people think electrical and electronics engineering are the same; however, they are separate and distinct industries. Continue reading
Cabin crew are also known as Flight Attendants, Air Hostess, Flight Stewards or even trolley dolly’s! They are primarily on board an aircraft for the safety and welfare of the passengers and secondly for their comfort. If there were no services of food or drink during a flight, there would still have to be a minimum presence of cabin crew for safety, which is a legal requirement. Because cabin crew members are the face of the airline they are expected to excel in customer service and always remain friendly, approachable and enthusiastic with a good sense of self-presentation. The role of cabin crew can be physically demanding and you must be prepared to be flexible to work any day of the year. Continue reading
Anthropologists and archeologists study the origin, development, and behavior of humans. They examine the cultures, languages, archeological remains, and physical characteristics of people in various parts of the world.Anthropologists and archeologists need a master’s degree or Ph.D. in anthropology or archeology. Experience doing anthropological or archeological fieldwork is also important. Bachelor’s degree holders may find work as assistants or fieldworkers. Continue reading
Aromatherapy is a holistic part of the health care industry that uses the essential oils of plants to promote health and healing. It can potentially help reduce stress, promote relaxation, improve well being, prevent disease, control pain, enhance energy, improve memory, decrease hair loss, and help with skin care. Continue reading
If you love the arts but also have killer business or marketing skills, you can put them to work as an arts administrator and help an organization succeed. You'll need a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree to get started, though an advanced degree will gain you entry to higher-echelon jobs. This type of work will involve fundraising, marketing, staffing, financial management and programming. Continue reading
This section includes articles to help students make the transition from college to the professional world. The articles about job hunting provide tips on how to find and secure your perfect job, interview strategies and resume tips. There is also information on how to manage a job while you're still in college as well as networking ideas. Continue reading
startup companies had set up stall to meet and talk to aspirants. In addition, there were over 20 early stage startups that were looking for employees or co-founders. Continue reading
Electrical engineering students fairly easy find their first job because most employers in electrical field search for fresh mind, with fresh knowledge and at the same time they get young people they can mold to their own specific needs and make experts out of them. Continue reading
Learn about the education and preparation needed to become an architectural engineer. Get a quick view of the requirements as well as details about degree programs, job duties and licensure to find out if this is the career for you. Continue reading
Librarians have to communicate all the time - written and verbal. You have to be able to speak in public - there are talks and workshops and meeting which form the bulk of your interaction with the departments. You have to be able to trouble-shoot via email. You have to communicate new ideas successfully and get support for them. Continue reading
To become an accounting technician you will need excellent commercial sense, an interest in business and finance and confidence when handling numerical data Continue reading
An aeronautic engineer is the individual who is responsible for the design, building and science of aircraft. The field is closely related to astronautical engineering; both aeronautical and astronautical engineering are branches of aerospace engineering. Continue reading
A career in agricultural consultancy may appeal to you if you are interested in rural issues and would enjoy advising and supporting clients. Continue reading
Ceiling Nail Pop, poorly finished drywall joints, loose cracking metal corner bead or joint tape, holes, cracks, water damage walls and ceilings will look great when taped, floated and sanded by a professional drywall contractor. Continue reading
Locksmiths are skilled tradesman who install, adjust and repair commercial, residential and automotive locks and security devices. Locksmiths fabricate and duplicate locking keys, change lock combinations, and bypass locks when authorized. Continue reading
Follow these expert tips to get the job done right the first time: Find the Right Rod,Select Fabric Wisely,Go Long ets. Continue reading